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Our Work


Over the years we have built a number of quality Software Solutions. This site contains information about our software products, some of which are open source and free. Please use the links above to explore our some of our state of the art products.


Developed and maintained by Digital Solutions, Mbuni is a fully-fledged, Open Source MMS Gateway (MMSC and MMS VAS Gateway). It is available from Here. Mbuni is currently deployed by a number of major carriers and content aggregators around the world.
Commercial licensing and support for Mbuni is provided through commercial MMS Gateway project Lark Router..


The Zorilla solution is a state of the art software package that interfaces with an SMSC switch to facilitate SMS-based information services. It enables mobile phone providers and content providers to propose SMS-based information services as well as delivering vast amounts of bulky SMSs in form of broadcasts to their subscribers. It is a flexible, multi-module software package that can be tailored to meet the needs of the most demanding and competitive mobile phone markets.


Njiwa is the world’s first Open Source implementation of the GSMA's Embedded SIM Remote Provisioning Manager for M2M devices.
Because M2M devices are likely installed in remote or unreachable areas, the GSMA came up with specifications to enable remote activation of network profiles (and other settings) on the embedded SIMs in these devices.
Since Njiwa is open source you can track it on project's Website and the actual code on Github


Asterisk is a flexible and robust PBX, IVR and VoIP gateway. Designed and initially developed by Mark Spencer of Digium,
Asterisk has seen contributions from various users. Our contributions to the Asterisk system include AMR codec support and Voicetronix hardware support.
We build and deploy solutions based on Asterisk. Please Contact us if you are interested in customisations or support