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Promoting the use of computing as an aid to business productivity.

Experienced in Mobile and Internet applications & services.

About Us

Information Technology Consultancy

Complex Systems Design

Mobile, Web-based & Internet App Development

More than 20 years of providing IT Solutions

"Our single vision in respect to application and systems development and deployment is to enhance technology experience by developing easy-to-use, relevant application."

Web-Applictions Development

Secure Mobile & Network Applications Development

Our Exclusive Digital Solutions Services

Web Applications Development

We Design and develop all kinds of web-based Information Systems

IT Consultancy

Our immense experience allows us to provide invaluable IT Consultancy services to you.


We are constantly developing strategic alliances with preferred partners to extend our marketing reach/customer portfolio.

Bespoke Solutions

Our customers often come to us with IT problems that are too complicated for standard off-the-shelf applications. At Digital Solutions Ltd., we focus on finding the best solution to our customers' specific needs.

Frequently Asks Questions

  1. We focus on finding the best solution to our customers' specific needs.
  2. Each problem is a special challenge for which we seek the best solution in collaboration with our customers.
  3. Our key advantage is that we understand computing technology at a fundamental level. We are therefore able to select and exploit the best technology for the job at hand. We study the customer's needs in the utmost detail.
  1. Our state of the art solutions will grant your business a competitive advantage since solutions are carefully tailored by our expert developers to best solve your business problems.
  2. We offer a customer a package of what they want as well as what they need.