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The Zorilla system is a state of the art software package that interfaces with an SMSC switch to facilitate SMS-based information services. It enables mobile phone providers and content providers to propose SMS-based information services to their subscribers. It is a flexible, multi-module software package that can be tailored to meet the needs of the most demanding and competitive mobile phone markets. Administration of the system can be done either by SMS from allowed telephone numbers or from zorilla's web based interface.

Updating keyword content

The SMS info service is keyword-based, providing different information to through various keywords. The Keyword updater is used to update content of a given keyword. Only administrators to a given keyword are allowed to update it's content.

Zorilla: Update Keywords

Sending messages to multiple phone numbers in a phone list.

Using Zorilla's SMS Broadcast module, a text message can be sent to multiple receipients in a phone list. A phone list is a named collection of phone numbers with an owner.

Request Lines

Setting up a Request Line for a keyword adds to the interaction between keyword owners and their clients. The View Requests page shows all the incoming text messages, and also gives the option of replying to any of them.

Request Line Management

The Customer Care Configuration page allows one to change settings of a keyword that is being used as a requestline.

Administration (for administrators only)

For the managent of all features of the system, Super Administrators use the Zorilla Keyword Interface (shown below). Here, lists, keywords, logos, ringing tones, etc... are added, removed or modified. Statistics for the various keywords can also be generated.