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Butterfly is the premier solution for Internet Cafe billing and management. Utilising Butterfly uses a combination of techniques (including dynamic TCP/IP firewalling) to control how much time a client can spend browsing the Internet on any workstation.

And it's Free!

Butterfly relies on an integrated server daemon for network access control and timing, and the PostgreSQL database server for data storage. With Butterfly the Cafe owner is able to accurately charge clients for time spent in the Cafe.


  • Simple usage model: A client pays and is given an 'access code'. To use a workstation, the client enters the access code into the access controller window. The Butterfly backend then starts timing.¹ Money is deducted from the access code until it runs out or the user logs out. Butterfly handles network access control using dynamic firewalling (in case of Linux backend) and/or desktop control.
  • Users can be billed directly for printing
  • Different per-minute rates for different hours of the day, days of the week and/or access type required.
  • Detailed activity logs are maintained.
  • Butterfly comes with a number of standard system reports, but since the database design is relatively simple, you can brew your own at will! You can also arrange for sales reports to be emailed to you at set intervals
  • Real-time monitoring: The Butterfly Administration program allows you to monitor your workstations from a central location, including who is logged on, which stations are inactive or unresponsive, etc..
  • Prepaid as well as postpaid billing.
  • Butterfly does more!
Butterfly is free software, whose continued development is funded by adverts displayed on the client interfaces. (For details please refer to the Butterfly License included in the installation package.)