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Infocom Uganda Case Study

Infocom Uganda, a leading Internet Service Provider in Uganda, wanted a client management and information system for their operations. This application was commissioned to replace the old and ailing Windows-based application. The move to a web-based platform was considered an important part of Infocom's system upgrades.

The challenge for DS was to create a scalable application that could handle accounts information for Infocom in a flexible and easy-to-use manner. It was decided that a web applicaiton would be most ideal for Infocom's setting, where many clients and Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) access client information from numerous workstations over the Intranet/ Internet. In addition to the numerous access points and the rather high levels of activity, we needed to be very concerned about application security, since the application could be accessed over the Internet.

The system implemented is a web application running on top of a standard SQL database on Linux.. Application security is maintaned by the use of encrypted session 'keys' passed along with each HTTP request, IP- as well as user-based access control and secure HTTP (HTTPS) where available.

Management Interface

The GP system is quite modular and has grown with time and usage. New modules are added as the need arises.

gp accounts

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